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Attendees at the littleBits session during NewCo Bay Area festival.

FAQs for Host Companies

We designed NewCo to celebrate the spirit of innovation that embodies so many organizations around the world. This year we are bringing NewCo to 16+ cities and look forward to working with you to create a session that properly captures and shares your unique story. We’ve put together this FAQ to help answer some questions we frequently receive about NewCo and what it means to host a session. If you have any further questions/thoughts please contact

What is NewCo?

NewCo is a new kind of event experience: a mashup of an open studio tour and a business conference, with the vibe of a music festival. Register to attend sessions given by local innovative companies and organizations. You get to pick which sessions you would like to see and which company/organization you’d like to visit in their native environment.

What makes a company a NewCo?

NewCos are on a mission to change the world.

NewCos are enablers, not gatekeepers.

NewCos believe in open collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees, and their community.

NewCos believe in transparent communication.

NewCos are open minded and nimble.

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Why should I participate as a host company?

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NewCo host companies benefit in many ways including marketing, business development, and recruiting opportunities, along with enhancing community relations. NewCo attendees are high caliber members of your industry, your city, and your community across a range of business sectors. They make the effort to physically come to your company to learn about your company’s leaders, mission, and impact on the world. This is a unique opportunity for you to not only spread the word about why what you are doing is important and different, but also a chance to create new business and community relationships.

Previous NewCo Festival sessions have led to host companies creating new business partnerships, making new hires, and establishing new contacts with neighbors next door and across town all while in the comfort of their own business environment.

NewCo is a powerful vehicle to bring qualified people to your headquarters. By designing a session that will attract the right audience, you have the chance to meet potential recruits, for example, or to start a conversation with the right members of the community about a topic important to your company’s future. We can work with you to create just the right session content to fit your company’s specific needs.

How can I apply to be a NewCo host?

Please visit this page for a complete list of NewCo cities. There you will find links to  host company applications or a way to stay informed about the event if the application process has not yet begun.

Who will be attending NewCo?

NewCo is open to anyone who is interested in attending. We expect a mix of senior marketers, investors, developers, writers, technologists, start up founders, and policy makers, most of whom will be local to the area.

Demographic Info from past NewCo Festivals

What is my commitment as a NewCo host?

As a NewCo host, a founder or senior member of your management team will lead a one-hour informational session around your organization’s vision, mission and innovation story. The time of day and the number of people you can host is up to you. Host companies may set preferences for time and capacity on the host company application. Sessions are broken out in one hour segments, usually between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

On the day of the event we will provide you with printable collateral to post at your offices to denote your organization as a host company and help attendees find the location where you are presenting your session.

Should we be prepared to provide food and drinks?

Host companies are not required to provide food or drinks, although it is certainly welcome! Keep in mind that attendees will be going to different sessions throughout the day so small snacks and drinks will be appreciated.

Should we be prepared for the press?

Members of the press may join your session, either as a curious member of the audience or to officially write a story. If there are members of the press who are interested in writing a story about your particular session we will make sure to connect them with you.

How many host companies will be presenting?

Approximately 60 companies will presenting per day. Hosts will be located throughout the city and each will have a one hour time slot to share their vision and story.

What setup do I need to provide as a host?

You will need to provide seating and/or accommodation for the number of attendees that you tell us you can host, indicated on your host company application If you have any in-house audio capacity and hope  to host over 75 people, we suggest that you utilize your in-house sound (this is not a requirement).

FAQs for Interested NewCo Attendees and Volunteers for NewCo

How do I register for NewCo?

Online registration will be open approximately 8 weeks before each festival.  Be sure to sign up here to stay informed about the exact dates.
Using our schedule picker, you can easily learn about sessions, choose and share your schedule.  This short video tutorial is a handy guide.

After I’ve registered how do I pick which sessions I will attend?

The schedule picker will allow you to pick one session per time slot, per day, building a full day of visits to the finest and most innovative companies and organizations in your area.

Can I change my schedule once I’ve picked my sessions?

Yes, you can edit your schedule at any time. However, if you remove a session that has filled up, you will not be able to add it back to your schedule without help from our support desk. We also ask you to be mindful of other attendees who may want to attend sessions that are full. If you do not plan on attending any sessions, we ask that you change your schedule as soon as you are able to.

What if I can’t attend after purchasing tickets?

Once a ticket has been purchased, if a refund is required there will be a 10% service charge deducted from the initial purchase price. This fee applies to any refund, for any reason, until 31 days before the festival’s opening day.

If a ticket holder requires a refund with less than 31 days, but not less than 14 days before the festival’s opening date, there will be a 25% service charge deducted from the initial purchase price.

There are no refunds available for cancellations occurring less than 14 days before a festival’s opening day, if the ticket was purchased more than 14 days early. If, however, a ticket is purchased within the 14 day window, then a refund can be processed if it’s requested within 48 hours of the purchase.

Are there any mixing events or other get togethers?

We will have a VIP Kickoff the evening before the sessions begin in each market and a casual meetup after the last session of the festival.  Please sign up here to make sure you receive information about these events. In order to attend these ancillary events, you will likely need a VIP Ticket.

What if I lose my credentials?

Please print up a copy of your detailed schedule and carry this with you at all times. To gain entry into a session, you will need your valid ID.

Can I take photos inside the companies and organizations I visit?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos unless there is a specific request not to at a particular session (which you will be alerted to in advance). In fact, we encourage attendees to take photos and share them on social media during the festival using #newco.

Can I volunteer?

We are always looking for volunteers. If you have interest in volunteering, either onsite or in advance of any of our events, please visit the city page to submit your volunteer information and will be in touch.

What if my question isn’t answered above?

You can always contact us at:
Briefly describe your situation or question and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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