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NewCo Shift: A Cross-platform Publication

NewCo Shift illuminates the companies, leaders, and issues driving the transition to a sustainable, positive-impact business ecosystem.

Shift Forum: Our Executive Conference

It’s like being a guest at the best two-day dinner party in the country. Smart, opinionated people. Unafraid to speak candidly--or shift their thinking. Cross industry exchange. Fortune 500s and NewCos mixing it up. No canned talks. Listen. Learn. Lead.


“Kudos on a wonderful, thought provoking and inspirational event. Props on the content, flow, audience and 50 percent women speakers. Y'all rocked it!”

“It was an amazing event. We used it to push our thinking about the kind of company we are and the kind of company we want to be.”

“You killed it with the Shift Forum conference. It was not only thought provoking, but potentially game-changing for innovators and entrepreneurs. From Podesta, the Russians, genomic medicine, and even Steph Curry, it hit on all the relevant zeitgeist touch points driving the market today. It can serve as a real wake-up call and spur catalytic thinking and action for anyone starting, building or seeking to transform their business. Can’t wait for one next year!”

“An exhilarating program brimming with thought leaders, visionaries and accomplished innovators, led through their paces by John Battelle, who himself is all three. I was hugely impressed. Tremendously valuable and inspiring.”

NewCo Festivals: Get Out to Get In

The focus of a business conference, the feel of a music festival, and the model of an artist open-studio.

The NewCo Experience

John Battelle Explains the NewCo Festival Experience

Since 2012, NewCo festivals have welcomed over 30,000 attendees into the offices of 1,500 innovative organizations. Attending a NewCo festival is a remarkable experience! It’s like a passport into the true culture of businesses changing the face of cities as diverse as Istanbul, Mexico City, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Our "inside out" model is simple: Pick your city. Get your ticket. Choose which companies you want to explore.

  • Max Ventilla of AltSchool

    The Full Shift Dialogs Transcript

    Max Ventilla, CEO and founder of AltSchool talks to NewCo Shift’s John Battelle about his vision for a network of micro-schools that will change education as we know it.

  • Matt Mahan, CEO and co-founder of Brigade

    NewCo Spotlight: Brigade

    Matt Mahan, CEO and co-founder of Brigade, discusses the company’s mission with NewCo. We also get a peek at the app, a “citizen empowerment platform” that provides tools to help people “participate in voting, advocacy, and awareness-raising to have an impact on political outcomes that affect their lives.”

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